Making Money

The PPA has launched an information pack aimed at helping independent retailers optimise magazine sales.

Making More Money from MagazinesThe pack - Making More Money from Magazines – provides advice and support on successfully managing the magazine category in-store and includes a best-practice planogram for magazine display.

The pack is part of a programme of initiatives from the Independent Group within the PPA’s Retail Marketing Group (RMG), which is dedicated to supporting independent retailers in selling magazines. The group works closely with the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) to explore what can be done collectively to improve service to independent retailers and drive sales, through both improved availability and advice on how to manage the category.

Paul Sadler, Wholesale & Field Sales Controller at distributor Frontline and Chair of the RMG Independent Group, said: “Until now, independent retailers have received advice and support from distributors and wholesalers but this is the first time the industry has collaborated to create a comprehensive guide on selling and making more money from magazines.

“An industry-standard planogram for magazine display has been agreed by all parties, which is a significant achievement and shows how committed industry stakeholders are to working together for the benefit of the magazine category as a whole.”

Members of the National Federation of Retail Newsagents (NFRN) will receive the pack with the July issue of NFRN member magazine The Fed. Packs will also be distributed to new store openings and change of ownership stores throughout the rest of the year through wholesale partners. The pack will also be downloadable from PPA’s dedicated retail web channel: