PPA pic4presspic4press is an initiative launched and run by the PPA Media Technical Group (PPA MTG).

pic4press aims to provide best-practice guidelines to help improve the predictability and consistency of digital images for both the commissioning party and photographers.

This fourth version of the PPA’s pic4press specification is a minor revision that brings the guidelines up-to-date. The guidelines are based on the effective use of ICC profiling and robust colour-management policies. As usual, the message is very much based around communication: clear communication between commissioner and photographer will save time and money. Agree specifications up front and use these guidelines to help.

The pic4press Version 4 guidelines are geared towards magazines produced on Lightweight Coated (LWC) and Mediumweight Coated (MWC) stocks. The first part of this brochure aims to put the commissioning, supply and receipt phases into a logical order, and to suggest best practices for each area of the workflow.

Refer to the diagram on pages 6-7 that graphically demonstrates a typical image workflow. The second section, starting on page 14, explains some of the more complex areas to do with managing colour using ICC profiles and how to optimise RGB to CMYK conversions.


To access pic4press Version 4 click here.


The pic4press guidelines were originally created by Jonathan Moore. The latest updated version has been co-ordinated by Rob Banbury, Co-chair of the MTG and Production Project Development Specialist at The Economist.

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