Gorillaz take over Q with exclusive cover designed by Jamie Hewlett

By : PPA Communications

Bauer Media has unveiled the latest issue of Q magazine, which features an exclusive Gorillaz design by the band’s co-creator Jamie Hewlett.

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The collector’s edition, on sale from April 11, comes ahead of the new Gorillaz album, Humanz, and includes Damon Albarn’s first interview in two years.

Albarn said: "The three tenets for this record were pain, joy, urgency. I told everyone to imagine you’re in America after the inauguration and it’s the worst case scenario: how would you feel that night? Let’s make a party record about the world going f**king nuts.”

“It’s amazing what you can do when your band members aren’t real people,” added Hewlett. “These characters are a conduit for everything we want to say but if we got up and said it, it wouldn’t have the same impact. Humanz is not a political statement about Trump – it’s a world in which he could get elected.

"Where are we as a race? Why haven’t we grown out of this? Putting a ‘z’ on the end is not a hip-hop statement, it’s more like an android Z. Are we human beings or just humanz?“

The June issue of Q features an interview with Albarn and Hewlett, in which they talk about their reconciliation after several years working apart. 

It was while drunk in East London after a Blur concert that Albarn asked if Hewlett wanted to revive Gorillaz. Hewlett said yes.

Speaking about the creative process, Hewlett told Q:  “I completely trust him with the music and he trusts me with my side. I’m informed by the music. I can listen to an early demo and I can see everything. It’s like a button’s pushed in my head. We never sit around the table and have long debates. It’s understood that we shouldn’t talk about it, we just have to do it.”

Albarn agrees:  “All I know is that when we’re properly on the same wavelength there’s a real alchemy."

Gorillaz’ new album, Humanz, is out on April 28 on Parlophone Records

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