Meet the speakers at this year's PPA Independent Publisher Conference

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Simon Ashby


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Amanda Barnes

Faversham House

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Vernon Baxter

Investor Publishing

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Ian Betteridge

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Jim Bilton

Wessenden Marketing

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Jonathan Boyd

Open Door Media Publishing

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Sean Briggs

Creative Workflows

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Helen Coetzee

MPG Marketing

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Andy Cowles

Coverthink Media

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Sophia Dempsey

Motor Sport

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Lyn Hughes

Wanderlust Travel Media

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Jonny Kaldor


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Louise Kittle

DJ Murphy

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Claire Irvin

The River Group

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Hamzah Malik

Veterinary Business Development

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Nigel Praites

Pulse, Cogora

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Laura Price

The World's 50 Best

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Anna Sampson


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Bruce Sandell

Gruppo Media

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Abi Spooner

Dennis Publishing

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Ed Tranter

MA Exhibitions

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Elise Wells

Slimming World

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Victoria Wilkins


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Chris Young

Royal Horticultural Society

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