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Come to be inspired at our afternoon seminar on 15 June in Edinburgh

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We're so excited about our next event on 15 June in Edinburgh!

What's the event about?

Of our 230 PPA member companies across the UK, less than 10% are run by women – a figure we think needs to change.

We want to encourage women to launch their own magazines and publishing companies, to strive for boardroom positions in larger companies, and to inspire women in publishing to have more confidence.

Who are the speakers?

We can't wait to hear from:

> Diane Young – Co-Founder and CEO at The Drum
Diane YoungDiane is co- founder and CEO of The Drum, which is a magazine and website specializing in the marketing and media sector. In the early nineties she qualified with a degree in pure and applied mathematics, which at the time was an achievement but also a conversation killer at dinner parties. She started her career in the health service at the time when the government had created an internal market which was her first, slightly odd, introduction to sales and marketing.

Diane joined The Drum in 1996 to start producing awards for the magazine and grew the business to be a significant proportion of overall revenue and profit. Shortly thereafter she also became managing director when she realised that she was the only partner who had any interest whatsoever in numbers.

The Drum now operates the biggest marketing news website in Europe and is gaining audience globally. With over 30 events in the UK as well as a fortnightly magazine, a branded content service, an agency/brand matching service and a peer to peer learning network, and two TV programmes running on the community channel, The Drum goes far beyond traditional print publishing.

Diane’s principle responsibility is planning and guiding the growth of the business which now has offices in New York and Singapore. She is amazed to find, 25 years on, that being a mathematician is finally cool.


> Mandy Rhodes – Managing Director at Holyrood Communications
Mandy RhodesMandy is Managing Director at Holyrood Communications and an award winning political magazine editor with almost 30 years’ experience in print, radio and broadcast media.

She began her career on a local newspaper, worked as health correspondent with the Glasgow Evening Times and was part of the founding editorial team on Scotland on Sunday. She worked in television for the BBC and in radio for Radio Scotland, before leaving Scotland for London where she became a full time mum and part time commissioner of documentary programmes for Channel 4.

Mandy returned to Scotland in 2002, became the editor of Holyrood magazine three years later, and Managing Editor of Holyrood Communications shortly thereafter. When the company was taken over in 2013 by Dods Plc she continued as Managing Editor before stepping up to be Managing Director for Scotland in 2014, and a member of the PPA Scotland Executive Committee in 2015.


 > Angela Haggerty – Editor at CommonSpace
Angela HaggertyAngela is editor of the CommonSpace Scottish news and politics website, and is the Sunday Herald's social media columnist.

Angela began her career completely by accident when she started volunteering at a local radio station in her home town of Rothesay and allowed someone to talk her into running the weekly current affairs show.

Since those days, she has written for several UK local and national titles, provides political commentary on TV and radio, and was previously The Drum magazine's media reporter, relocating from Glasgow to London before returning to take on the role at CommonSpace. She also edited the best-selling Scottish book 'Downfall: How Rangers FC Self Destructed', and 'Minority Reporter: Modern Scotland's Bad Attitude Towards Her Own Irish', but she's probably best known for causing a lot of trouble on Twitter.

CommonSpace is a Scottish news and politics website, which launched in January 2015. Part of Scotland's 'new media' - a group of digital outlets which sprang up during the Scottish independence referendum campaign - CommonSpace is funded entirely by its readers and offers news and views from a grassroots perspective. Angela leads a team of just three reporters, and CommonSpace works collaboratively with media outlets throughout the UK, running exclusive stories in newspapers including The Independent and The National.

Since its launch, CommonSpace has pulled in 1.4 million unique users.

> Sally Hampton – Editor-in-Chief at DC Thomson
Sally HamptonLife is never boring in magazine publishing and I love the fact that no two days are ever the same. As editor-in-chief of My Weekly, The Scots Magazine and No 1 for DC Thomson, I lead a diverse team of talented media professionals. We are dedicated to bringing fabulous content to a range of consumers via print, online and face-to-face.

This is a particularly exciting time to be engaged in the business of publishing, with new formats, new delivery methods and new consumer behaviour emerging on an almost daily basis. My role involves identifying opportunities to grow our current titles through launching extensions to existing brands, and launching new products across a variety of platforms.

I gain huge satisfaction from helping the next generation of media professionals to flourish through mentoring, coaching and peer support. To this end I constantly develop my own skills through management training and attendance at industry seminars and workshops.
Throughout my career, I have seen huge changes in the roles and opportunities available to women in publishing – when I joined the industry, most women’s magazines had male editors. I’m delighted to have the chance to engage in our discussion about what’s next!


This sounds great! Can I attend if I'm a man?

Of course! This event is not just for women. If you think diversity is important to the success of any business then this event is for you.

The Power in Publishing event is FREE for PPA members, and £100+VAT for non-members.

And there's more!

The event will be from 1pm-4.30pm in Edinburgh Napier University's Glassroom. There'll also be drinks afterwards and an opportunity to win tickets to the FIPP Asia Pacific conference in Singapore!

How do I book?

Email PPA Scotland Business Manager Nikki Simpson to book a place or to enquire about membership.

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