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Belfast-based Family Media Group join PPA Scotland

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PPA Scotland is delighted to welcome Belfast-based Family Media Group as the company launches its first magazine in Scotland!

Family Media Group is a Belfast-based media publishing business that has been serving the Nothern Ireland family market for around 15 years. It publishes a number of magazines, most importantly Ni4kids Magazine, which targets parents of primary-school age children with a mix of content that covers education, health, general parenting and fun things to do.

Ni4kids Magazine is the only ABC audited family magazine in NI and currently distributes some 74,224 copies per month. Their media platforms are read mostly by women 25-49 with kids under 12 from data gathered by Millward Brown Readership Research.

Managing Director Gary Hamilton says: "Our aim is to extend our business footprint into Scotland and to connect with like-minded Scottish parents with young children, by publishing relevant Scottish content across a number of media platforms, similar in style and format to those in NI.

"We have published our first issue of Scotland4kids in Edinburgh with 40,000 copies distributed to primary schools, retail outlets and places of high family footfall. The magazine is now ABC registered and our plan is to build further the quality and quantity of distribution points with each subsequent publication. 

"Our primary publishing objective is to build deep engagement with our audience from the outset, via relevant, high- quality content and to demonstrate to advertisers that we can deliver significant response for them. And, once established, our products could be extended further in Scotland. 

"We are very aware that no two markets are alike and we have made few assumptions.. We also know that success in media publishing rarely happens instantly - audiences and advertisers need convinced and relationships need to be built.

"What we are very confident about, however, is that parents of young children are exactly the same the world over and we know what they want to read about."

For advertising enquiries and more information contact Gary Hamilton

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