Editorial Strategy Workshop 20 May

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Half-day Editorial Strategy workshop with The Week and RAM, 20 May in Glasgow

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The WeekOur next event is an Editorial Strategy workshop in partnership with The Week and Research and Analysis of Media (RAM).

This workshop is made for editors, designers and writers, to lead your magazines to further and future success.

> Kerin O’Connor, CEO of The Week , Dennis Publishing
After a brilliant talk at last year’s Magfest, Kerin will look at the editorial development and success of subscription-led The Week Junior and the freemium title Coach.

Launched in November 2015, The Week Junior has already grown its subscriptions base to more than 14,000 young readers.

Looking at the strategy behind these two very different approaches, Kerin will lead us through practical exercises and market leader case studies to make your magazines work harder for you and your audience.

> Dianne Newman, CEO at Research and Analysis of Media (RAM)
Following a fantastic 2015 introduction to their research in advertising, Dianne will draw on RAM's database of 1,537 magazine articles across Europe, to show the importance of a strong editorial strategy. RAM has measured the engagement that each article attracts and will share figures on:

• readership
• level of interest
• level of appeal
• importance of headline
• topic of interest

Working with RAM’s data and case studies, you will then present back to show the effectiveness and importance of strong editorial.

When and where:

20 May, 1pm-4.30pm in Glasgow’s Radisson Blu Hotel

Prices and booking:

This workshop is £50+VAT to PPA Members and £150+VAT to non-members.There are a maximum of 30 places available on the workshop, book now to avoid disappointment.

Email nikki.simpson@ppascotland.co.uk to book or to enquire about membership.


About Kerin:

Kerin O'Connor became Chief Executive of Dennis Publishing’s flagship title, The Week, in 2011; shortly afterwards in 2012 he was awarded the PPA Publisher of the Year award for his work for the magazine. His focus on expanding the brand into the digital format has grown the magazine into the highest-selling quality weekly subscriptions magazine and the biggest paid-for digital magazine in the UK.

Under his watch, The Week has seen 33 consecutive circulation increases in a trying market and has won a range of awards including Consumer Magazine of the Year. Globally, The Week is one of the fastest growing print magazines of the last decade. The print magazine’s success has been recently matched by the rapid growth of its award winning digital editions and daily news websites, www.theweek.co.uk and www.theweek.com and its digital advertising growth.

Recently appointed as legal board director of Dennis Publishing, Kerin is responsible for driving forward The Week and Dennis Publishing’s success in the print and digital arena.

About Dianne:

Dianne Newman has more than 20 years’ experience of Media Research, including 12 years at Johnston Press as Head of Research. She was part of the JICREG Technical Sub Committee, Chairperson of the Regional Media Research Forum and has extensive experience of both commissioning and using research across multi-channel platforms.

RAM measures how advertising and editorial content works. With their help, the media can determine what engages their readers as well as prove the power of their channels for an advertiser. RAM provides unique and strategic solutions with relevant insights to help increase their clients’ revenue, grow their audience and give them a clear understanding of the markets in which they operate, be it local, regional or national.

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