The PPA Production Networking Group Remit

The Production & Technology committee is the PPA steering committee on issues relating to the production of consumer/customer magazines and business media, including digital, print and paper. The committee acts as a focal point for production related discussions within the magazine sector. The committee exists to promote and provide information on relevant areas for magazine production personnel. It aims to develop and raise standards, educate and resolve problems in a collaborative and co-operative manner working closely with the supply chain and associated organisations.

The Committee's Priorities:

• To support the activities of the Media Technical Group including the following key areas: cross media production, pass4press and pic4press guidelines, PDFX/-4 workflow, and soft proofing.

• To ensure that the Media Technical Group provides a regular update of its activities at all Production & Technology committee meetings.

• To ensure that publishers are kept updated on key environmental issues, through the work of the PPA Environment committee and by sharing information, best practices and guidance.

• To ensure that publishers are regularly updated on key print and paper issues, including the consolidation of the print and paper sectors.

• To ensure that publishers are regularly informed on the changes and major developments surrounding magazine distribution systems and postal issues.

• To provide editorial content/direction for an events programme where required to include the Production and Environment Awards, forums and strategy meetings/dinners on production related topics for production personnel.

• To investigate the role of production in a new media landscape by:
 > Exploring how best to prepare and develop production teams for print and digital media.
 > Exploring how to recognise transferable skills and the opportunities this may bring, such as online/digital, procurement, and project management.
 > Ensuring that publishers are regularly updated on developments on cross platform technologies.

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