IPN Forum Report: Front Covers Workshop

09 June 2016 by @ 02:46

The newsstand is an uncompromising environment. Don’t be deceived by those neat rows of titles standing shoulder-to-shoulder - it’s every magazine for itself in competition for that all-important sale.

Here, the cover is still king. The interplay of imagery, colours, words and pictures – allied to the perception of the brand on the masthead – all conspire to make or break the deal.

At a workshop for members of the PPA Independent Publishers Network (IPN) on June 7, design consultant Andy Cowles from Coverthink Media shared his wealth of knowledge on this subject in a presentation with the title of Covers: Four trends and a truth - and with the slightly more direct subtitle of What will sell my cover now and will you wreck your brand doing it?

Cowles spoke of the important relationship between a cover as the face of a magazine brand and the reader, expanding on how covers create a sense of identity, reinforce trust in the title, and generate deep engagement.

“This is what magazine covers do. They’re incredibly powerful outward indicators of identity. We use them as badges,” he said.

“In many respects a magazine front cover is a legitimate twentieth century art form, along with perhaps photography and rock music. For the first time, people could align themselves to a set of ideas they couldn’t otherwise express. They could start to feel part of a community, people with like-minded values. ”

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