Brexit Update: Opportunities beyond EU borders

15 November 2016 by @ 04:29

In the wake of the Brexit vote to leave the EU, Head of Public Affairs Owen Meredith provides an update on the UK's evolving relationship with global trading partners.

Owen Meredith

Four months on from this historic referendum result which saw Britain vote to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister visited India on her first formal trade mission.

The new Government is focussing efforts on developing UK trade relationships with key trading partners beyond the EU market, notably the USA and China, but also those developing markets like India with rapid growth and historic ties with the UK that have proved hard to crack in the past.

While we are still no clearer on what the post-EU relationship with our continental neighbours will look like, the PPA has been seeking assurances from Government on both the nature of that EU relationship and support for publishers to help deliver the Government’s vision of a new era of trade with the rest of the world.

We’ve worked with the Creative Industries Council to produce a report for Government on sectoral priorities, which highlights the need for intellectual property rights to be at the forefront of any trade deals; the need for security for EU citizens working in the UK and continued access to the best global talent; as well as reducing non-tariff barriers to new markets, including harmonised/reciprocal regulatory regimes.

To strengthen our case with government, we have launched a survey of PPA members to identify opportunities and threats resulting from Brexit, and I would encourage you all to take a few moments to complete the survey. For details of how to take part, please email me.

Equally, we have teamed up with the Department for International Trade (DIT) to work on a number of packages of support for publishers to explore international opportunities.

For publishers who are looking to expand their business into new territories, government support and funding is available. Whether you’re considering export of physical goods, expanding your digital offering into new markets, running international events, or setting up licensing deals, the DIT (formerly UKTI) may be able to help.

The kind of support on offer will vary depending on how “export ready” your business is, but whether your close to signing a deal, or in the very early days of exploring exporting, get in touch so we can point you in the right direction.

Equally, with the FIPP Congress coming to London next October, we are looking at ways to help independent publishers reach this key international audience. Any IPN publisher who would consider exhibiting at the Congress should register their interest by emailing me.

If you have any questions, or would like to know more please contact PPA Head of Public Affairs Owen Meredith.

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