Content Re-use Permissions with PLSclear

PLSclear is a service from the Publishers Licensing Society which simplifies the content re-use permissions process, ensuring it wastes publishers less time

PLSclear helps you

  • Save time: don’t waste time reviewing requests that should have gone to someone else
  • Get all the information needed to grant a request, first time around
  • Work smart: PLSclear includes an interactive request form that has been developed by permissions experts, ensuring essential information is supplied, and you can keep the form for your records
  • Generate more revenues from permissions: PLSclear can be easily added to your website by cutting and pasting the free PLSclear widget. This ensures that potential licensees who come to your site supply you with the information you need to respond to their request straight away.

Get started

  • It’s free to try – visit 
  • Simple cost tiering for long-term projects
  • Automated free-of-charge and paid for licences coming soon
  • Contact PLS about installing the free search widget by email or on 020 7079 5930

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Did you know?

PLS also offers

    PLSclear can also help your editorial teams and author-managers by helping them make permissions requests to reuse content, quickly and easily. Visit PLSclear to find out more.

    • consulting on best-practice permissions
    • the opportunity to outsource your day-to-day permission
    • interactive permissions workshops