The Widget and PPA Publisher Advice Line

The PPA has partnered with specialist media law firm Wiggin to provide members with a Publisher Advice Line and access to The Widget - a cloud-based set of template HR and employment documents.

The Publisher Advice Line offers exclusive access for PPA members to free telephone advice on a range of legal and commercial issues including tax, VAT, employment and personnel, commercial, data protection, competitions, and digital rights.

Full details on the Publisher Advice Line are available by clicking here.

In addition, The Widget provides members for the first time with access to a set of online template HR and employment documents.

The Widget holds the templates on a cloud-based server and provides a drafting "wizard" for each template, making them very easy and quick to use. Wiggin maintains the templates to make sure they don't go out of date, and The Widget provides drafting notes where relevant to help in preparing draft documents.

Finished drafts can be downloaded in Word, and the Widget can also be used as a document management system.

Each PPA member can generate 25 separate documents on the Widget each month within the Helpline allowance. Wiggin would be happy to discuss options with PPA members who would like to be able to generate more documents, or to use additional or different (bespoke) documents on the Widget to those in the free PPA set.

Please note that each PPA member company will have one Widget account with a facility for multiple users.

Nicola Rowe, Director of Circulation & Member Services, said: “The PPA is delighted to be able to offer this service to members in partnership with Wiggin.

The Widget is a simple yet powerful contract-drafting tool that will deliver real value to publishers, whether or not they have access to in-house legal expertise."

For full details of how to access The Widget click here.

For any further questions, please contact Rose Barker on 020 7400 7544 or at